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A day before Indonesia’s Independence day, exactly at August, 16th 2008 ( Please note that Indonesia took August, 17th our Independence day instead of December, 27th that usually seen in International history books was taken from the Dutch acceptance on Indonesia’s Independence ). We, in collaboration with Al – Izhar Senior High School Astronoy Club, held an event to observe the partial lunar eclipse. In the night, HAAJ gave two lectures. The first is about the theories of Eclipse and the second one is about black hole. The first lecture was given by Gabriel from Astronomy Study Program of ITB. As for the second one, we were surprised by Dino, an 11 years old boy who presented us to that ‘Heavy’ subject when we’re in that age even we can’t explain Solar System well, holy crap. Also, we were again surprised that he can’t speak Bahasa Indonesia well. So, Instead of using that, he used Englisch which is Difficult to understand for some of us. However, night observation awaited us just after that. But unfortunately, the weather wasn’t very good yet the moonbeam was too luminous. The moon and Jupiter , were the only object that we can observe yet again, please note that jakarta’s night sky is Heavly pollused. It’s just too bad for us who lived around there

Registrasi Peserta Penelitian Gerhana Bulan Parsial

Menunggu Pembukaan Acara dari SMA Al Izhar Pondok Labu

Makan-makan dulu sebelum berperang.. Hehehe..

Presentasi Tentang Gerhana Bulan dari Kak Gaby [ Mahasiswa ITB Astronomi ]

Presentasi tentang Black Hole Dari Dino [ HAAJ ]

Let The Eclipse Start!

The penumbral eclipse started on 01.24 WIB. But there’s no extreme difference between the eclipse and the normal full moon. At 3 o’clock we finally see the dark umbra cover one per third area of moon. Of course, we didn’t forget to take the photograph on the eclipse. We just used a common digital camera that we can see almost everywhere in automatic mode. We used Meade Refractor with addition of Vixen digital camera adapter. Nonetheless, we were quite satisfied with the result yes, we knew that they’re underexposed. More over, while Meade was busy to take the photo of the eclipse. There were 4 unused telescopes uot there. Since the moon’s luminosity had decreased, it means there will be more object to observe! Great Nebula in Orion and The Pleiades Cluster were Visible that time, In an instant. We pointed the telescopes to those objects. It’s not as beautiful as the pictures that Hubbe gave to us. But they were pretty good and enjoyable as well. At 05.56 WIB, the sun had raised. So say goodbye to the eclipse because it won’t just 10 minutes before sunrise.

Setting Teleskop Dulu..

Beginiliah suasana saat pengambilan data di SMA AL - Izhar Pondok Labu

Antri liat bulan dari teleskop.. daripada nunggu mending duduk dulu di bawah.. sambila maen suit-suitan.. hehehe..


Aftermath !

Being slept for only 2 hours, some of us, who matter how uncomfortable the place is, Instantly feel asleep. Even there are some of us who had to attend the Independence Day Ceremony in there own school. Although being very exhausting. This is an event that we can’t forget easly. We hope the next event will be more enjoyable!

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